8 Benefits of wonder and play mobile phone games

 The children play games all the time in front of the mobile is busy, many parents feel anxious. For them, the idea, that's just a waste of time playing video games. The idea here was to prove wrong the benefits of mobile games to 8, which scientific research has proved true.
 1. No physical pain or discomfort helps to distract the mind from mobile games. Many modern hospitals have suffered an injury or disease of the children, who were to play mobile games. When you are playing the game top pay attention to that side. As a result, less physical pain is felt.
 2. Many people suffer from attention deficit disorder, a mental problem. they can not pay full attention to the work. They play games and the lack of attention to issue is removed.
 3. Modern physiotherapy treatment, a lot of mobile games is used. The study found that, due to physical damage and they feel difficulty hamtacalaya they play video games on a regular basis to this problem was quickly released.
 4. Play video games on a regular basis the proper combination of brains and hands  (Hand Eye Coordination) improves. As a result, any technique is easy to master.
 5. Game play teamwork mentality to work and increased social skills.
 6. Gemai linguistic and mathematical skills helped a lot.
 7. Video game helps to increase self-confidence.
 8. Problem solving, gained inspiration, wisdom helps increase the efficiency of video games.

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